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Stumbel into the undergrowth Mellemrum festival 2014

Seimi Nørregaard performing at x-act festival Mellemrum 2014 photo Per Morten Abrahamsen
In May I was invitede to perform at the Mellemrum festival.

Kurator Kitt Johnson About Mellemrum

We have reached the fourth
Mellemrum festival, which every
other year subjects a section
of the urban landscape to a
performative interpretation.
In 2008 the city centre supplied
the asphalt. In 2010, Nørrebro, and in 2012, Vesterbro.

MELLEMRUM is now confronted with a different type of urban structure, namely the klondike of the city fringe. The tour in May 2014 has come to Sydhavnen (the south harbour), as Kgs. Enghave is also called: A sparsely populated area, the borders of which are still up for negotiation.

Nine artists/-groups each give their own interpretation of
a personally selected site in Sydhavnen
20 locals take part.
And three urban tours are created.

Seimi on the sitespecifik

"Such a lovely place, which plucks the heartstrings, with neighbours and reality to dance with. It is true ground we tread upon, branches we push aside, asphalt we scrape our knees upon. It is water dripping from the sky, infinitely vast above us. I am very fond of reality. Even if it scares me a little."

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