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About my work ..

You can get to know my work through this blogg and through my homepage.
I work with a wide range of media  
Examples of my work

photo Malle Madsen
Set-up a guided spoken word performance in a domestic installation.

Last night I had a dream
photo Marika Seidler
 senorial art exhibition for children at Brandts Kunsthal Odense, Denmark. 
A Collaboration with my sister artist Marika Seidler


I grow all kinds of flowers an installation in second life. 

Hestefold Hundehoved a handmade book object. 

photo Bo Amstrup

Published by Hurricane publishing in collaboration with Carte Blanche and Viborg Bibliotek

Performance installation Væggene har ører – et rummeligt digt (The walls have ears-a spatial poem) exhibition at Overgaden   – Institution fore contemporary art (DK). 

photo Anders Sune Berg

Seimi Nørregaard continues to create compelling performance-instillations into which audience enter. Her poetic landscapes and texts are simultaneously fabled and concrete, evading any narrative conclusions, and defining a delicate form of audience participation.
She works within a wide frame including performance, installation, poetry, audio work and set-design.

Boaz Barkan about my work

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